Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Weekend Recap On A Wednesday! Woops

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's been a crazy couple days. Sam was sick to his stomach on Sunday night so he and I stayed home together on Monday. We had a great day but ended up doing so much, I didn't even take my computer out! 

Friday was the girls Christmas pot luck and crazy sock exchange! I loved this new idea of just Christmas socks filled with some goodies! 

Saturday morning I was up early to go to AGM and political breakfast for our local provincial MNA. It's not very often that I get to dress up and put lipstick on! 

But after the breakfast it was home back in scrubs. Made the boys lunch and when Sam went down for a nap I got most of the rest of my Christmas baking finished and in the freezer! 

It's kind of become a little tradition that Saturday night we sit in the living room with our supper and watch a Christmas movie with Sam. I've been dreaming of the day when I could start "Movie Night in Beechgrove" with my own family and I think it's starting! Woo hoo! 

A while back, I got an email from a local theater to say they were doing the musical Little Mermaid. I love The Little Mermaid and thought I could take my niece Faith with me. I surprised her with a full girls afternoon. A quick shopping trip, lunch out at Boston Pizza and then the show! It was a two hour musical and I thought she'd lose interest but surprisingly she sat in awe the while time! It was really great spending some quality girl time with her! 

Got home, made a quick supper and then bathed and got Sam in bed. About an hour later he started crying really hard which is unusual for him. Went up to check and sure enough he and his bed were covered in vomit. Yuck! Cleaned up everything, got him back to sleep and went to bed myself as Ryan was leaving for work that night. I was sure I was in for a long night. But surprisingly he slept through the night and was fine the next morning. But he needed to stay home just in case! And we had an awesome day hanging out! 

And thanks to a visit from my mom, during their play time I took sometime and decorated the sugar cookies! 

Lately, I am feeling like Christmas is right around the corner but it is still 18 days away! I have felt pressure to get things done and felt like I was falling behind. But now I don't feel that way. After a very busy weekend, the following ones are a bit quieter. And I feel ready! This Saturday I hope to watch a couple of my favorite Christmas music and start wrapping! 

How are your Christmas preparations coming? 


Friday, December 2, 2016

5 On Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I have a post almost finished about our 2016 ornament inductee's but totally forgot to take pictures yesterday of them so it will have to wait. 

I am feeling the pressure this week of Christmas. I know, it's still a LONG piece away but events are now overcrowding my weekends which is great but leaves little time for some of the Christmas that I love to do like baking, watching Christmas movies and wrapping. The to-do list is growing but hoping to get things crossed off this weekend! Cards ready for the mail and maybe mostly all the baking's hoping! 

1. End of year around the farm means inventory of all items. We are talking about probably over 100,000 different bags and boxes of stuff to be counted. It has been my life for the last three weeks! Inventory is checked. And then re-checked again to ensure that it was correct or to try and find missing product. Ugh! Yesterday it even involved my brother and I doing fertilizer counts! Thankfully, he did all the climbing! 

2. The other day Sam ended up with a fat lip at daycare. It isn't his first and will not be his last tumble! But it always seems to be on the same side! And this kid is a bleeder but does not want to stop playing long enough to get cleaned up! He's pretty tough! 

I thought he still looked pretty adorable with it! 

3. We got new toque style this year at the farm. When I saw them, I loved it but myself and Jill didn't think the guys here at the farm and male customers were going to like them. Well, we were very wrong! Mostly everyone LOVES them! I can't keep them here. Sam loves to wear mine all the time so that he matches Daddy! 

4. I offered up wrapping as a donation for our church's online auction! A friend ended up winning it and brought over some stuff to wrap! I LOVE wrapping. It has to be one of my favorite holiday things to do. With it she dropped off a present for Sam and a bottle of wine for me with a fun Christmas drinking game! I am sure that the bottle will be gone in no time if I follow the instructions! 

ie: Take a drink every time you lose the scissors or tape! ha ha! 

5. We have an Elf and we read Sam the book for the first time this year since he somewhat "gets" it. He named his elf Princess. Princess brought us some treats on her first visit from the north pole! Chocolate advent calendars for Mommy and Daddy and a Little People advent calendar for Sam! He has loved looking for her so far! 

Bonus: Ok...Someone tell me I'm crazy and talk me out of it BUT I REALLY want a puppy! My cousin runs a kennel called Mohr Over Kennels and breads mini bernedoodle! I am in love! Apparently they don't shed and are very good family pets! She posted pictures of the whole litter but this little guy/girl caught my eye with the white markings! Think Santa would bring me him/her? :) 

What they look like full grown. 

Wishing you a great weekend! 


Monday, November 28, 2016

First Christmassy Weekend!

Happy Monday everyone! I was telling Ryan last night that the weekend went by in a blink. He said it was likely because we did so much! 

I have been planning our company Christmas party for the last month or so. Friday was the day of the big event and at 3 AM I woke up to an upset boy with a 103 fever. 

Yikes. Talk about panic. He didn't have any other symptoms but it meant that he couldn't go to daycare. Thankfully, my MIL came to the rescue and agreed to stay with our sick boy for our Christmas party which was at noon! 

I had a lot of help though and by the time I went to put the finishing touches, the shop was perfectly decorated for a fun afternoon celebrating a great season and wonderful men and women who make up the team! 

I changed up the door prizes this year. We use to do a $5 gift exchange but it was getting a little stale so I decided to change it to draw for prizes. I changed it up even more this year by making it a half and half door prizes. 6 were good gifts and 6 were boobie prizes! This little elf was cute but most definitely a boobie prize! 

We also had a little texas horseshoe tournament! Here are the first and second place teams! 

I eventually went home, drove Bev home and then put Sam to bed. Ryan stayed at the shop to party some more and play poker. 

It was sometime between 2 AM - 3 AM that Sam's fever broke. The next morning no fever and a stuffy nose but otherwise he was in good spirits! We started our morning off with Mickey Mouse and then got ready to eat at our favorite breakfast place, Gabriel's and then get Ryan a new pair of winter workboots that were on sale! 

When we got home we got straight to work on finishing the Christmas decorations. Ryan, Sam and I headed into the bush to find a Christmas tree for our front porch! Wasn't easy but maybe a fun new tradition. 

We had a quick lunch and then Sam went to bed. Ryan and I worked at finished the front porch. It was a beautiful day to work outside! 

We also decided to finish all the decorations on the inside! We were on a mission. For supper I made a homemade pizza and we ate it early while watching Arthur's Christmas on Netflix. Super cute Christmas movie! 

We got in our warm clothes and headed to Shawville for the parade of lights! Sam was waving at everything that drove by but especially the Big Man in red at the end! 

We opted to turn on Wayne Rodstad, crack open our glass bottle Coke's and put the decorations on our memory tree in the basement. We at first thought we'd get Sam to help but decided to hold off for another few years. The ornaments just mean too much to us. We enjoy looking and talking over the ornaments as we put them on the tree. 

We were all up Sunday morning to homemade pancakes with bacon and then we set up our new Christmas train I got when we were in the states shopping! Reminder for next year to set up the train tracks BEFORE putting decorations on the tree! 

But Sam loved watching it go around and around. I was always so worried about some of my special and breakable Christmas decorations and tree. A 2 year old can really create havoc but we've drilled it into his head that this stuff is special and we either have to be gentle or not touch. So far it's working! 

My parents came over before church for a quick coffee and so we could give my Dad his VERY belated birthday gift! But they were in Nova Scotia for his birthday (November 13) and we never got the opportunity before. 

We had a great church service and afterwards came home and I made Nacho's for lunch. My half and Ryan's half (Sam had leftover pizza). Mine had salsa, avocado, onions, yum! Ryan's half with just cheese! ha ha! 

Ryan did the dishes and I got started on some Christmas baking! It is one of my favorite things! Having an abundance of Christmas treats in the freezer to share with family and friends over the holiday season. I made one pan of fudge and my short bread cookies, yes shortbread Christmas worms included! 

I actually had a supper fun Sunday afternoon planned. Stacy, Mady, Jill and I were all going to watch Dolly Parton's, Coat Of Many Colors! I had never seen it before and the girls insisted I watch it before the new one came out this week. Well I just LOVED this movie!! I laughed, I cried, it was just a super heartfelt movie and I guess that is what I was in the mood for! It was wonderful! 

When the girls left I made Sam's favorite Potato Bacon soup for supper with the same stock from Friday's post. So does that mean 5 meals now, 1 chicken? 

Family tradition is that we don't turn our Christmas lights on until the first Sunday of advent which was yesterday. We went out and Ryan did the first official light plug in of 2016! Sam now says that "Santa see our house now". 

How was your weekend? 


Friday, November 25, 2016

1 Chicken, 4 Meals!

Happy Friday everyone! It is the morning of our company Christmas party and I am likely running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Which actually reminded me of a post I had been creating and never got to posting. So, since it is a busy morning I thought I would dust it off the draft section and share with you all.

As you are already WELL aware, I love to save some money. It seems like groceries and continue to get more and more expensive! It is really hard to stick to a reasonable budget and get fresh and healthy food for a family. I took note of this awhile ago and made some slight adjustments in the way that I plan our food.

For one, our garden was a big help! Having frozen garden vegetables in the freezer all winter long saves a bundle! I don't have to buy corn, carrots, peas, tomatoes or beans! I also have frozen raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and plums that I picked, washed and got ready for the freezer. I also have jam and pickles galore! We are making the garden even bigger next year to accommodate more! I want to get a years worth of potatoes, some peppers and beets!

This year we had the opportunity to buy some local chickens that my brother helped raise. They were a little more expensive then the conventional grocery store whole chicken. And I can see why, they are HUGE!! You can get so much more meat out of it then from the $10 whole chicken from a grocery store. So I decided to cook one up one Sunday and see how far I could stretch this bird!

Sunday night I cooked the chicken, carved it and had the traditional meal with potatoes, corn and gravy! It's always a labor of love but a meal we all really enjoy!

Ryan had some chicken for his sandwiches the next couple of days too but I was still left with lots of meat and bones!

The bones I put in a crock pot with water, onion, carrots and bay leaf. I put my crock pot on low for 12-14 hours and it makes a BEAUTIFUL STOCK! So easy and cheap! OH and my favorite stock trick, keep the skin of the onion on and throw it in the crock pot too. It makes a nice golden color.

Night two, I wanted to use up some of the gravy. I always remember when mom would roast some meat, day two leftovers always had French fries! So, that's what I planned. Homemade French fries and then one of Ryan's new sides, roasted broccoli.

On night three I decided to show together a little chicken pot pit. A puff pastry out of the freezer. I never use a bottom shell. But on the bottom of the pie plate I put chicken, carrots, corn, potatoes and then the leftover gravy that I had thickened with flour! Roll the puff pastry on top and cook it for about 30 -40 minutes in a 350 degree oven! Super easy and such a comforting food on a cold night. I served it with garden salad.

Finally, I was out of meat. Between 3 supper and multiple lunches. "But Lindsay, you said 4 meals from one chicken?"

Remember that lovely stock? I stored it in the freezer and when the time came, took it out to make some soup! One of my favorite's is tomato! It's super easy and I usually have all the ingredients. 1 onion chopped and sautéed. Add 4 cups of broth and 1 can of diced tomatoes with juice. I also add 1-2 tsp of oregano and salt (because stock has no salt in it). Puree it with emulsifying blender!

So let's do some math.

One chicken cost me around $18. With that $18 chicken I was able to get 4 suppers and 3 lunches. So that's 7 meals! That works out to $2.57 a meal. Add in other ingredients we are still looking likely looking at no more then $5.00 a meal. 

So while $18 per bird seemed a lot more expensive when purchasing this source of protein, when you break it down it is actually a great way to save some money by stretching out the meat available! 

What is your favorite way to save money on your grocery bill? 

Happy Friday! 


Monday, November 21, 2016

Whirlwind Trip!

Happy Snowy Monday, friends! It was inevitable, the snow was eventually going to fly! And fly it did, with 15+ cm of snow arriving in the last 24 hours! So I have gone into hibernation mode with warm wooly socks but the problem is that my 2 year old LOVES the snow and always wants to go out and shovel it! Ugh! 
A couple of weeks ago we saw this predicted forecast and Ryan and I decided that Friday/Saturday would be the day we would drive and have a little mini getaway with Sam. Ryan's favorite store (Royal Distributing) is there and we wanted to get Sam his first snowmobile helmet that fit properly. I'm a bit of a stickler for head wear safety. 

So to make the trip a little fun we booked a hotel with a pool and headed down after work on Friday evening! Sam was actually a rock star the whole drive. He didn't sleep a wink and instead just snacked on french fries and watched Paw Patrol. But was asking for bed by the time we got to the hotel! 

We all bummed around on Saturday morning watching cartoons! We decided to stay in our PJ's but put our bathing suits on underneath! We first had the hot breakfast that was included with the room. There was an awesome make-your-own waffles station but all Sam was asking for was yogurt and plain toast! 

After a big breakfast we stopped by the pool for a swim! Sam was really into swimming around and using his legs to kick. The only problem was that the pool was FREEZING and we could only stay in for a short time! 

We got back to the room, got ready for the day, packed up and checked out. We had a short 2 minute drive over to Royal Distributing and I think Ryan was really excited to take Sam there for the first time. #BOYS 

We got Sam's helmet, Ryan got a new pair of boots and we got Sam a toy Side-by-side too. And before we knew it, we were back on the road home. 

We opted to wait a little to stop for lunch. We did eventually stop at a little "En Route" along the 401 that was awesome! Great options for food then the typical burger and fries. I got a Pita Pit salad and my latest favorite Starbucks treat! Venti, half sweet, chestnut praline latte with no whip! YUM! They also had a take out East sides and Pink Berry at this location. 

We actually had to drop Ryan off in the city for a tour of all the sights in preparation for the next night with snow in the forecast! 

So Sam and I headed home, unpacked the car and then bundled up and grabbed an RTV to get the rest of the outdoor stuff away before snow started to fly! 

We headed inside for a quick supper and then Sam went to bed. Ryan and I watched Eddie The Eagle on Netflix (SO good!) and set up the tree but didn't put any decorations on it! 

On Sunday morning Sam was memorized by the tree and laid down underneath it! 

I got to work on "Decking The Halls" after breakfast and then Ryan suggested I go to church solo and he spends some time with Sam!

When I came home we had lunch and let Sam eat while watching Paw Patrol. We sat at the kitchen table and had a little date. We had these "Not so Newlywed" questions and went back and forth questioning each other. It was really fun! #beat50percent

After church both boys went down to sleep and I put on a Christmas movie (The Family Stone) and decorated the living room tree! Tree 1 or 3, done! 

Sam went and tried on his new snowmobile helmet again and was happy to ride around the house in it! ha ha! 

For supper I made some homemade tomato soup because it was the perfect meal for a snowy day! 

When supper was done we spent some time with Ryan being silly before he had to go and get ready for work! 

As he was getting ready for work, I got Sam ready for bath and bed. Before he left he came to give us a kiss goodbye.

 I was a little sad because it means night shifts are beginning. It means nights alone, empty other half of the bed, solo care for Sam every night and no more weekday nights out. Our lives and schedules now rely heavily on the weather! But I am very proud of Ryan who is going to act as crew leader this year for the first time! 

How was your weekend?