Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Birthday 2016

Happy Wednesday everyone! 

It has been a full week since my birthday! As most know, my birthday usually lands around Thanksgiving time. But this year Thanksgiving was early! My boys, family and friends did an amazing job at making me feel really special! 

This birthday I turned 29! My last birthday as I like to joke. But really I don't have any sad feelings with it being my last year of my 20's. Some actually question me and asked if I was lying because most think that I am older than that. But yes, I am only 29, I just have an old soul.

I have been raking my brain as to whether or not I would do a "to-do" list of things before I turn 30. I am just struggling with it because I have already done so much in my short 29 years. Sure, there are a couple of things but 30 things is hard to come up with! What would be on your list? What do you think should be on mine? 

As I mention, a lot of people made me feel special on my birthday but specifically my boys did. I'm not going to lie, Ryan hasn't been the best in the birthday department in years gone by. There has been 2 years in our short time together that he's forgotten my birthday (and I never forget to remind him of this fact ha ha!). He has also forgotten to buy me a present/card/token in years passed because he didn't make time. I actually think these were actually forgotten years as well but he hid it well. 

This year though, he was on his game! I'm not sure if someone was in on reminding him that the day was coming but he didn't forget this year. He even made me some tinfoil numbers! Something that usually gets forgotten or my mom does for him! ha ha! I was impressed last Wednesday morning when I saw them hanging there! 

I had gone to work like normal and then the girls in the office surprised me with a spread of my favorite snacks! Spinach dip, tortilla roll ups, cheese dip, chips and even some desserts! It was heavenly and that ended up being my lunch for the day! And for supper Ryan lucked out because I only wanted chipstand! 

My MIL got me a gift card to The Keg (yum!) and Ryan also got one for me and a gift card to the movies! So it looks like a date is in order for us soon! Woo hoo! 

"Sam" got me a gift card to iTunes! I gift I request all the time because I love to use it now not only for music but also for the apple TV to order special movies or shows! 

My parents surprised me with the pewter nativity scene I've had my eyes on for over a year! When Sam, Ryan and I went to Nova Scotia last year we visited Peggy's Cove. There was a small Pewter shop there and I saw this beautiful nativity scene. I added it to my Christmas wish list. It was a little confusing as there are many stores at Peggy's Cove! The wrong (and still beautiful) was purchased at another store but wasn't Pewter. I was surprised to open it on my birthday this year but really glad because now I can display it all Christmas season long this year! 

The next day after my birthday Jill and I went to one of my favorite restaurants, Montana's where I got to enjoy all my favorite treats, including 2 pickled Caesars! YUM! 

Part of Sam's gift and Ryan's is a greenhouse that they have been working on over the last few nights! It's going to be awesome and I can't wait to get my plants started a little earlier and keep some items like herbs much longer! 


He also gifted me with a surprise weekend away to the states to finish our Christmas shopping! He even went and booked the hotel! This is so out of the realm for my husband! He is not a planner at all! I later found out that friends Amanda and Josh had some help as they will be joining us for the fun! Which Amanda and Josh told me when they came over with a surprise visit including wine, supper and dessert! 

Turning 29 has been pretty great! It really isn't a scary thing for me because I think I feel so settled in where I am in life. Life for the most part is pretty great and I am reminded of that many times throughout the year but especially on my birthday! I think that turning 29 is just another age and I am excited to see how this year and into my 30's looks like. 

Happy Wednesday! 


Monday, October 17, 2016

Car Rally 2016 Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! 

I actually got a long weekend because Sam's daycare was closed on Friday. It has been SO long since I got a day off at home with him and FOREVER when he wasn't sick. Usually I am the one that stays home if Sam has to but usually he is miserable and sick. Such a treat this time! 

We started our Friday morning with relaxation. Cartoons and breakfast. I have to laugh at my boy looking like an "old man" sitting in his lazy boy in his underwear. 

We had to the head to the city to pick up some groceries and since it is an hour each way, so begins the joys of packing a potty everywhere we go! At least we were right along the Ottawa River and had a beautiful potty spot when he did have to go! 

Sam and I just relaxed for the rest of the day and played! Really put things on hold and get down on the floor to play together. I really don't do it enough. 

Saturday morning Ryan left to go get supplies for a birthday gift for me. A new greenhouse he has started build. I can't wait to use it to to start some of my plants early! 

Sam and I did laundry, got a cooler packed with food and drinks and then my parents came to get Sam so Ryan and I could meet friends and do car rally, one of my most favorite days of the year! We have gone with Amanda and Josh for 3 years now and we really have a routine down and know personalities. We always want top 10 and were very happy with our 6th place! It's always a good day driving around the back roads visiting and searching for clues. 

When Ryan and I got home we actually started into Stranger Things and were hooked. Finished the whole thing by last night! It was freaky yet captivating. SO looking forward to season 2. 

Sunday was a miserable rainy day. Ryan had to work and Sam wasn't home from my parents yet. It was kind of amazing having 2-3 hours of alone time in the house! It felt weird but was also so nice! Get things done all over the house! 

Sam and I headed to cousin Sophie's 3rd birthday! It was a great party but unfortunately my boy wasn't feeling it. And eventually I just threw in the towel, packed up our things and left. Sometimes it's just not worth dealing with all the tantrums and all the other people too. 

There were a lot of other moms there with toddlers and as I went to leave another Mom threw up her hand and said "May the force be with you". Ha! Totally made my day and made a shitty situation even better! Totally reminded me of this Meme! 

Sam napped for a few hours and was back to his normal self! Oh the necessity of sleep time! 

I decided to roast a big chicken with all the fixings so Ryan could have meat for his lunch and I could make stock for next week! I also was able to make 4 loaves of bread for the freezer to replenish my stock! Between farm fresh chickens, garden preserves and made ahead items, our freezer is full! Something about a full freezer and colder temperatures that make me feel so cozy! 

How was your weekend? 


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Happy Wednesday everyone! Everyone was back to reality after the last long weekend until next Spring. Boo! But it was a great one up North celebrating Thanksgiving in Canada! 

It started off pretty special with birthday celebrations for me on Friday at work! A yummy lunch and birthday cake! 

If I could describe this weekend in one word, it would be messy. Sam has been showing lots of signs about being ready to potty train and we pushed it off until the stars aligned and it was time. Especially with a long weekend, we knew it was a great chance to start. 

I picked up a pack of special Paw Patrol underwear as a "special gift" for potty training day 1 on Saturday! He loved them and I kept telling him not to get Paw Patrol wet. 

It was a rainy morning and combined with staying close to my boy, I ended up going into a baking spree! Pies, muffins and bread galore! 

Potty training was going good that morning! A few accidents but it was more because he would tell me too late and would go pee on our way to the potty! It was a messy morning but I felt encouraged by his progress. He really seemed to be getting it. 

I ordered our Thanksgiving meal for my family and commissioned my Dad on picking it up! We started this pizza Thanksgiving tradition last year. The kids are so excited to play together and visit that we didn't want to go through the effort of making a meal we couldn't really enjoy. It will be our tradition for a little while until kids get older and are more opt to sit and eat (Even if they don't like it) ha ha! 

As per tradition, I blew out candles on pumpkin treats. But had lots of little helpers! 

The kids were actually in a cooperative mood so I took the opportunity to sit them down for a few pictures with my good camera! 

We all crashed pretty hard after playing the afternoon away. So Nana and Grandpa had snuggles before everyone was off to bed! 

Sunday was a busy day! Church, where I taught Sunday school and continuing with the potty training which wasn't going so well on this day. We had read about telling or putting the child on the potty every 20 minutes or so. Well, this was making Sam extremely mad but we kept trying. There weren't many accidents but lots of fights. 

We tried to stay positive but not going to lie, it was a challenging parenting day. I was super glad to be getting out of the house and enjoying a meal I didn't have to prepare! Ha ha! We had thanksgiving with Ryan's family and enjoyed the visit! 

Monday morning I was up really early! I decided with my extra time to go ahead and make some cinnamon buns with Cinnabon replica icing! Yum! What a treat! 

Monday was a new potty training day and I had decided in the early morning to just leave Sam alone. If he had accidents then ok, at least he'd know why he was wet. And it went SO much better! He just wanted to be left alone and go potty when HE wanted to go. Not when we were telling him to. With this new approach we had only 1 accident all day! We realized just how ready he was to be potty trained. And how long he can hold it in! 

We were all up and dressed in our best clothes Monday morning and off to do some family pictures for a fundraiser for a local school. Sam wanted nothing to do with the pictures so how the photographer managed to get this picture is amazing! 

A sure potty training sign...Toilet paper is irresistible to toddlers! 

Before nap my parents came over for a quick visit and to plant 50 garlic bulbs! A bunch of cousins from Nova Scotia are into planting garlic and gave us some for our own garden. It was awesome to plant and we can't wait to have our own garlic next summer! 

Sam also played a lot of hockey Monday. His new favorite thing! He's getting to be a pretty good shot too! 

After nap we headed out on the RTV for a family drive through the bush and around the farm to enjoy some of the Fall colors. It is so pretty right now! It is my favorite time of year! 

After supper, bath and bed (for Sam), Ryan and I needed to tackle a very daunting task....laundry! Over the weekend we really let it pile up and potty training made a lot of laundry! Thankfully Ryan and I could do this task together. 

It was a not the most relaxing long weekend we have ever had. Ryan worked a lot this weekend and Sam was potty training. But being Thanksgiving we still got in a lot of time with our extended family! 

 I was happy and proud to hear his first day back at daycare and he had no pee accidents! Ryan and I talked last night about how we can't believe our little boy is wearing underwear now! How did that happen? 

Happy Wednesday! 


Friday, October 7, 2016

Fabulous Fall So Far

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry for the lack of post on Wednesday. We were at a golf tournament. Set up on a hole to shake hands and visit with clients all day. It was SUCH a beautiful day on Wednesday. Sunny and warm. We were set with a microbrewery giving away a beer, there was a poutine bar and then we planned a giant "beer" pong game but instead of beer there were prizes! It was a lot of work to set up but I've had people comment that it was the best hole of the day! Makes it worth it! 

It was amazing that it was such a gorgeous day. Last year at our hole, we gave away toques because it was so cold. Sometimes it's been so nice that I actually forget it is actually Fall! 

Back before I knew the date of this tournament, I went off a hint from cousin/friend Stacy about Wiggles coming to Ottawa. Sam loves The Wiggles and we knew we wanted to get tickets. I literally had them booked for a week when I found out about this work obligation. Thankfully, it was right near the golf course and I was able to leave for the hour long show! And I'm so glad I could because watching Sam enjoy The Wiggles will always be a special memory. Anyone that knows Sam, knows that he doesn't get too excited about much. Wiggles included. But he was so mesmerized. I knew he was paying attention because he would usually clap when the song ended. Since then he has been again for "again". 

Oh and Mickey really enjoyed the show too! 

It has been shaping up to be a wonderful Fall so far. It is flying by and I cannot believe it is almost Thanksgiving. I am so excited for the weekend ahead! Full 3 days of time with my boys and family. It is also going to be interesting as we are going to make an attempt at the potty training thing. Sam has been showing ALOT of interest lately. Be goes on the potty multiple times a day. We'll see how it goes. 

I have finally gone through and sorted out Sam's clothes and exchanged his summer stuff for Fall things. Which is great but then it was above 20 degrees all week! ha ha! But I love his little Fall wardrobe. I actually only had to buy him his "work boots" and that's it! Everything else is hand-me-downs (looking at you Stacy and Holly!). We are running into a pant problem. The 2T are WAY too short for Sam's long legs but the 3T are too big in the waist. Ryan keeps joking we need to get Sam a belt. Do they make belts for 2.5 year olds?? 

I kind of set a goal to be done with Christmas shopping by early November. As ideas and sales have arrived, I've picked up things. We are keeping Christmas for Sam small as he already has so much and needs for so. We did decide to get him a pair of skates for Christmas from a used sporting store. These "new to us" Easton skates are normally retailed at above $100 and we got them for $19.00. Sam talks about hockey and skating all the time so I think he'll be excited to try them! 

And that's what's been going on so far in our lives lately! 

Wishing my Canadian friends a very wonderful Thanksgiving! 


Monday, October 3, 2016

Girls Trip 2016 - Kingston

Happy Monday everyone! I can't believe the weekend is already over. I'm pretty sad to see it come to an end because it was filled with fun! 

In the summer, a few girlfriends and I decided it would be fun to pack up, take a road trip and just have a girls weekend away. See some sights, eat good food and just spend time with the girls! We decided on Kingston, Ontario as there was lots to see and yet was not too far away! 

Friday was the day we were taking off! We loaded up the cars Friday morning and hit the road! 

We stayed at the Holiday Inn waterfront hotel and our rooms had amazing views! 

We started our afternoon with some girl talk and drinks as we settled into our rooms. 

We headed around the corner to Lonestar for supper! Yum! Our hotel was a great location! We were in walking distance to almost EVERY thing to see and do in Kingston. 

That evening we had a haunted walk around Kingston. It was a great way to walk around the downtown area and see all of the beautiful architecture! Truly breathtaking! 

The next morning we had a quick Tim's breakfast and coffee. #Canadiangirls 

We had a 9 AM tour at the historical Kingston Penitentiary. This has been something I have wanted to visit for a while and was so excited to get the chance. The prison had recently closed in 2013 and the signs of operation were still everywhere! So neat!  

The best part was that old correctional officers were working and at each stop, you would hear a story of their time and the way things worked. It was the oldest running prison in Canada! 

We headed next door to the museum that was in the old Warden's house. There you could view old punishment tactics, creative Shiv's and even stop inside a real cell. 

We headed back to the downtown core for lunch reservations. When you google "best restaurant in Kingston", Woodheads Pizza comes up time and time again! And it did not disappoint. Wood burning pizza oven with amazing combination of pizza toppings. The best part was that all four of us girls got a different pizza and were able to share! 

After lunch we loaded up and went shopping at the outlets in Kingston and Cataraqui Centre. We literally shopped until we dropped! 

And our Fall girls trip needed some Pumpkin Spice Latte's. 

Things were getting silly as we listened to some music on the way back! Bonnie started channeling her inner Carrie Underwood and wanted "Jesus Take The Wheel". 

We relaxed for a bit, freshened up and walked to Jack Astors. We opted to sit out on the patio. At first I thought this was crazy and we were all going to freeze. But there were heaters and it wasn't that cold. Plus sitting up on the top made for some amazing views around Kingston! 

We all ordered appetizers to split rather then each get a big meal! It was a great idea! Our own little buffet! 

With full bellies, we headed back for PJ's and drinks until passed midnight. 

Saint Kerry Lynn who was up early went and brought everyone coffee to have while we got ready for the day and packed. 

The trunk was much more full on the way home! 

We decided before hitting the road to take one last walk around Kingston. By the water and by The Tragically Hip Way! 

I arrived home to the biggest hugs from Sam! It was the best! While he napped, I attempted to sleep and then gave up. I got up and got to crazy organizing mode. Cleaning out summer closest stuff, putting away new purchases and getting some meal prep done! Look at this color tray for salad lunch! Yum! 

I'm a little sad that girls weekend is over. For so long I have been anticipating this weekend away where I can just spend time for me. While I really do enjoy time with my boys, there is something about a girls only trip that can re-charge the batteries!