Monday, January 22, 2018

Our Boy Knows His World Is Going To Change

On the weekends especially, I have been doing my best to get in some extra love and attention to Sam. Ryan has to work most weekends so it means that Sam duty is all up to me on the weekends. But I've taken this opportunity to try and squeeze in extra special things and time with him. Although super painful, I get on the floor for car races, we've been baking and snuggling more. I don't know if I am doing this more for him or me. 

Current one-on-one time Sam gets with Daddy! ha ha! 

Baking with Mom! 

Sometimes I think I am doing this more for me as I want to get in as much extra time with just Sam before everything changes and I have to split the attention. Then the other part of me thinks Sam knows something big is about to change. And anyone who knows Sam, knows he does not do well to change! You have to pre-warn him for a lot of things in order to get him prepared. 

He has been talking about and including baby in a lot of everyday conversation lately and so we know he realizes things are happening soon. This soon to be change also makes me wonder if the resent out bursts we have been experiencing is due to this. While he doesn't show anger towards baby, he is very in tune with baby coming soon. 

Our typically calm, rational and cooperative boy, has recently started to have uncharacteristic rages. His very short fuse is very evident and there is no talking or discipline that is working anymore. It was literally like a light has switched and he has reverted into baby-like tantrum behavior. Sometimes an outburst can last 40 minutes! 

While this behavior as of lately is driving me crazy and want to pull my hair out, I am trying to do the opposite of what he expects and when everything is calm, still spend one-on-one time with him and express delight when he does great behavioral things. I am trying to be patient and still enjoy this time with him before baby arrives. I don't want to look back on this time with him before baby comes as a "frustrating" period. So I've been playing things with him I hate (aka: Playdoh, for 1 whole hour, ugh!), putting my phone down and yet still keeping into his normal routine and schedule. While the outbursts still happen, I try to remind myself it's (hopefully) a phase and that it won't be like this for long. 

Any advice fellow Momma's on how you discipline/calm a tantrum for your 3.5-4 year old when nothing else seems to work?


Thursday, January 18, 2018

Grandma Gets To Meet Baby Before Me

On Saturday, January 13, 2017 a great one earned her wings. My paternal grandmother passed away peacefully at 96 years. She lived a long, happy, musical and faithful life. I only imagine she must be chatting Grandpa's ear off, filling him in on life when they were apart. 

Grandma's guess about a week before she passed was that we were having a baby girl. But truthfully, Grandma loved her "wee dolls" and guessed GIRL for every single pregnancy for all of her grand children and great grandchildren! ha ha! Either way, I am glad and slightly jealous that she get's to meet and know her 25th great grand child before I do. Holding it close and getting a snuggle in before it makes it's debut. 

Love you to bits Grandma, Cheerio! 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

32-34 Weeks With Baby Number 3

I am very much still pregnant but the updates (and blog) took a little back seat during the holiday season! I was still pretty good about taking the pictures though! I am currently 35 weeks + pregnant now. 

These Weeks:

Third trimester is still kinda sucky but the end is in sight! Feeling more and more relaxed the father along I am. 

Baby This Week: 

Baby was the size of a scooter board in 32 weeks to a basketball hoop in 34 weeks. 

Maternity Clothes:

It was a little weird around the holidays because I wasn't in my normal office uniform and actually had to come up with actual outfits! Or different lounge outfits too which mostly consisted of my tank tops that are too short or Ryan's large shirts. 

Stretch Marks/Weight: 

Weight actually is the same which I was really surprised by because I have been feeling LARGE and in CHARGE. Not much in the stretch mark department. 


Lots of movement! 

Food Aversions/Cravings:

These weeks it has been harder for me to actually eat a meal. I think my stomach is running out of room because I cannot eat large servings. I am not really craving anything and I am not really hungry. 


The sore hips/back have kicked it up a notch towards week 34. I am also noticing sore feet. Especially in the morning it feels like I have heel spurs which I can eventually walk off. Sometimes I feel nauseous in the evenings again which sucks but I haven't been actually sick thankfully!  

What I Miss:

I kind of miss my regular clothes! I also miss being a little more invisible. There is nothing like a big ol' preggers to make everyone stare! 

Labor Signs/Health Update:

There actually isn't too much to report! Early in the New Year we checked out baby and he/she was still measuring on the smaller side of normal so they decided to keep the cerclage in a little longer. Besides the cerclage, I am a pretty healthy preggers. Normal blood pressure, weight, etc. Baby is (still) head down and very low. 


I am getting so anxious to know. We have 2 girl names and agreed that if it's a girl, we will wait to see her to pick which one to use. We struggled with coming up with a boy name but finally agreed to one suddenly and we both love it SO much! 

Wedding Rings/Belly Button

Very flat and I think that it will never pop! 

What I'm Looking Forward To/Best Moment:

So much to look forward to these weeks! Christmas is such a magical time with Sam and picturing future Christmas' with 2 kids makes me very excited for the future. 

Christmas was very special this year. Not only did we have a great time leading up to the day but Christmas/Boxing day was also great. Afterwards, I took a few days off and Sam and I just hung out. I cleaned up a lot of cluttered spaces around the house and we vegged, watched movies and I just soaked up this one-on-one time with my boy. 

Daddy This Week:

The cold weather and the snow did mean that Daddy has been working BUT he did get a few days off around New Year time which was nice! Sam and I got use to having him around that it was a little sad when night shift started again! 

Big Brother Sam:

Sam was A LOT of fun during the holidays and is just so fun to be around. I said to Ryan, I really do like just hanging out with him. I never felt like I needed a break or that I was excited for him to head back to daycare. I know I'm not as much fun as Daddy but we still come up with some things to do together! 


Layers and scarves are your friend. I refuse to buy or figure out a winter coat as I think the expense is ridiculous for such a short period of time. So during the cold snap I just make sure to layer and wear a long scarf in the open part. Or just hibernate inside....that works too! :) 


Monday, January 8, 2018

Post Christmas Fog

....Dusts off old blog....

Wow! Why is it so hard to get back into the swing of things after the holidays? I was back to work all last week getting things cleaned up after the holidays. I am in the final weeks of prep before baby comes. While I still do some work throughout the first few days/weeks after baby are a little harder to get anything done and so I don't want to leave anything left.

I remember a week after I had Sam, I realized I had a end of year audit I HAD to complete and trying to do this through the newborn fog was tough. Numbers were jumbled and it took me twice as long as normal. SO I am doing everything in my power to avoid that this year.

But Christmas is done and we had a wonderful time together. We had snow fall on Christmas which made our Christmas a little different then normal. We had to it over two parts in order to fit in plowing schedules and sleep. Sam didn't seem to mind though for this year. It will be something we deal with every year and will still make it special. The delay did make for a very relaxing Christmas season for us. No rushing through anything and to try and get anywhere.

Sam was so fun and the slower pace was perfect for our little guy who wanted to play with everything he opened right away. I think it was actually even a little overwhelming because he was ready for a break about half way through! Once we were done stockings he was already over stimulated. Besides stocking stuff, Sam had 4 gifts which we think was plenty! It was 4 things we knew he would LOVE and get a lot of play time with. I think we are going to keep the "less is more" concept for future Christmas'. 

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas break! 

And now a photo dump which is going to have to be looked at sideways since I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the pics to turn! UGH, MONDAYS!! 


Friday, December 22, 2017

From Our Family To Yours...

In the Fall we had some family pictures/maternity/pregnancy announcement pictures taken by a talented local photographer. I love the way they turned out and I have such an appreciation for someone who can get good pictures of a very busy 3 year old boy! I will cherish these photos for a long time to come. 

And not only would I like to wish everyone a HAPPY FRIDAY but also a wonderful CHRISTMAS!!! 


Thursday, December 21, 2017

31 Weeks with Baby Number 3

Currently 32 weeks and 5 days! 

This Week:

Definitely a better week then last but I am so looking forward to a little break over the holidays! Put my feet up more and spend more time at home "nesting".   

Baby This Week: 

Baby is the size of a foam finger this week! 

Maternity Clothes:

I have two main shirts that I wear a lot. Two long sleeved shirts, one in green and one in black. I rotate those shirts pretty regularly but I noticed the other day that they both have holes in them! The green one has a hole in the elbows and the black has a tiny hole in the belly! These are the shirts that I got for my pregnancy with Sam and they owe me nothing! I have worn them SO much. They are almost thread bear. I'm gonna try to still make them work until baby arrives! 

Stretch Marks/Weight: 

Some new stretch marks really low in the belly but that's about it. Haven't been to the doctor for a while so no new weight update. 


Baby is moving like crazy! 

Food Aversions/Cravings:

Nothing really much this week. I love cold things. Fruit, smoothies, cheese, crunchy carrots. I also REALLY love the idea of chocolate icing. 


I think the "usual" stuff for this point in a pregnancy. Heartburn, sore back, insomnia, having to pee more, hip pain. Sam told me the other day I walk like a penguin. 

What I Miss:

I miss being able to get dressed without having to sit down. I have to sit to put on socks, underwear and pants because it is too painful to attempt it standing up. 

Labor Signs/Health Update:

I actually thought this was going to be an uneventful week with no update for this category. Well without any warning, late Friday night (31 weeks, 6 days), I was just lying down to bed and Ryan had left for work because it was snowing. All the sudden my upper back started to get sore. 

Within an hour I was in extreme pain from a gallstone attack and the pain was causing very painful and regular (5 minutes apart or less) contractions. I was hands and knees on the kitchen floor trying to dial my phone for help. Thankfully, Jilly came to stay with Sam who was sleeping and my brother drove me off to meet up with Ryan to head to the hospital. Longest drive! Ugh! 

They brought me into triage right away, assessed the contractions and gave me some morphine and nausea meds (the pain was causing me to be sick at this point). As the pain went away, so did the contractions. They monitored me until 3:00 AM and then we were discharged with instructions to forego any meds at home for any future attacks and just come straight to triage. They just don't want me dilating any with the cerclage. Any sign of dilation at all, and they have to immediately take out the stitch. Eep! It was a good trial run to the hospital though! Getting help, getting to the hospital, getting to the right door in the middle of the night! I feel actually a little more prepared having gone through it once now! 


Can't wait to know! 

Wedding Rings/Belly Button

Very flat belly button but rings are still good! 

What I'm Looking Forward To/Best Moment:

There were a lot of great moments this week! At exactly 31 weeks, we saw the local parade and saw Santa! 

We also met with friends for supper and visit! 

And finding laughter in my gallstone attack. I was in so much pain that I wasn't even thinking. I arrived at the hospital wearing blue stripe PJ pants, no underwear, no socks, no bra, a large budweiser beer t-shirt and my grandpa's old lambing sweater. I couldn't help but laugh at myself once the pain meds kicked in. A couple of the nurses and I had fun making light of the "trailer park" look of beer t-shirt and my big belly sticking out under it. 

Daddy This Week:

Another big work week for Daddy and night shifts. There was one night he didn't have to work and we slept in the same bed for the first time in almost 3 weeks. It was weird! I kept thinking how loud he breathed! ha ha! Here's hoping for nice weather over the holidays to spend a few more days together!  

Big Brother Sam:

Someone is SUPER pumped for Christmas. Santa was waving and calling Sam by name during the parade which made him very proud! I love seeing the magic through him. Every morning we turn on his little Christmas tree and lay down to snuggle under the glow of its lights. It's such a peaceful time. 


I've said it before that I am REALLY craving a cold beer. Somehow I don't understand the logic that is not being able to have a glass of beer while pregnant but being given morphine twice now to help with pain! ha ha! 


Friday, December 15, 2017

2017 Inductee's Onto Our Memory Tree

It's that time of year again when Ryan and I haul out the Christmas tree and as we hang the ornaments reflect on all the special times we have experienced through the years together. It's amazing the things we have got to experience together through the years and we are certainly gaining quite a collection. 

While we aren't going on as many trips as we use to, we have a special little guy who adds some special ornaments to our tree! Plus we still have special tokens from the year that we will look back on years from now. 

1. This little guy was given to Sam last Christmas from his Nana and Poppa and he got the honor of hanging it on the tree. Although he called it "Peso" the penguin character from Octonauts! ha ha! 

2. These little things Sam colored last year and have his age on the back. They were also hung by Sam and I didn't have to worry because they weren't breakable! Although now that Sam has his own special tree in his room, I am thinking of putting these and ornament number 1 on his tree! 

3. This is my annual Christmas ornament from Ryan's Mom. She gifts all the girls in the family a beautiful ornament! 

4. This was given to Ryan and I last May on our 5 year wedding anniversary from my parents. Apparently the traditional gift for 5 years is wood so that's what on the ornament! Can't believe we are married for (over) 5 years! 

5. This ornament was actually just given to me from a gift I won at our girls Christmas potluck. We each filled mittens with goodies! The one I won was from Josee! 

6. This ornament was given to us recently actually on a pre-Christmas outing. We gifted our wonderful friends, who the Mom is actually our daycare provider too, supper and a movie on us! We went to see The Star and had supper at Boston Pizza. At the restaurant they gave us this beautiful ornament and card. It is a reminder of the emotional year we have had and the blessing that is to come. When we look at this ornament we will remember the last Christmas as a family of "3" before we welcomed our new little one. 

7. Ryan and I wanted to get a special ornament in memory of our baby girl. Something we picked out together that would remind us of her. We actually just received it this week and haven't had the hearts to hang it up yet. We have both been very emotional this Christmas and the season is stirring up a lot of tearful moments which is unusual for us. We think of the 4 month baby girl who would have been with us during all of our special Christmas moments. 

8. Finally, we have a new tree topper! I like to have an angel at the top of our memory Christmas tree. I never found one that I "loved" but I did get one from Canadian Tire that we used for years until I did find the perfect one. On our girls trip this year to Nova Scotia we were walking around the pewter store and I spotted this angel tree topper! I knew instantly that it was what I wanted for the top of our tree! I spent more on it then I like to admit, but I know in years to come that won't matter! It is a special addition to our tree that should last forever and hopefully I can pass down! In a way, it was very symbolic to me that the same year we lost our baby girl, I found the perfect angel for the top of our memory Christmas tree. Our forever guardian angel.